Titanic was one of the biggest money makers at the theaters of all time, if not the biggest. It was a movie that everyone wanted to see, for good reason. The movie was a beautiful fictional story based on the Titanic boat that sank many years before. Although the Titanic movie was truthful in many ways, the love story that centered in the movie was not true. However, the audience loved mixing the two and learning the tragic history of the Titanic through a beautiful movie.


Leo DiCaprio was the leading male character in the film. He played a poor boy onboard that fell in love. He did an amazing job and really earned the title as being one of the best actors in the world by doing this movie. He shined like the star he is. Kate Winslet was his leading lady, who played a rich girl on board. She was amazing, as always. Winslet plays her roles with dignity and class and never disappoints. As one of the most beautiful women of the world, she fit into the role quite nicely.


The story of the movie Titanic is an unforgettable one. It is one that immediately grabs your heart and runs with it. It is a story of discrimination, love, and life. You really get attached to the characters and start to feel for their love at stake. You will laugh and you will cry, a lot. It is exciting and engaging all the way through. It is likely one of the best love stories of all time.