TV Review: Breaking In (FOX)

Chuck in 30 minutes is the feeling you will get if you follow this show. The target audience is a bit younger, as the setting is a college where a student, Cameron Bright (Brett Harrison ) is drawn into a life of crime with a twist to keep his own hidden deceptions in the dark. Oz (Christian Slater ) is the conductor who manipulates his crew like a puppeteer. Cameron’s love interest, Melanie Garcia (Odette Annable ) will not be wrangled in easily, as her background of criminal behavior began at an early age when she would help her father pull off cons. A combination of the characters of The Big Bang Theory , Cassius “Cash” Sparks (Alphonso Mcauley ), is the gadget guy who, when not pranking Bright, is the team’s nano tech guy.

Fox Network’s web page sadly leaves out the cast and character bios for the two who round out the cast. Josh Armstrong (Trevor Moore ) and Dutch (Michael Rosenbaum ) cannot be left off our radar. Armstrong will be Cameron’s nemesis and will disrupt every attempt he has which will solidify his role as go-to guy within the firm.

During the first episode, across the screen I saw one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Irwin (Creepy Carol), playing a crazy scary character. Since I love Still Standing , it gave me full-on belly laughs and was most often instigated by Irwin’s portrayal of Linda Michaels.

Brett Harrison first caught my eye when he starred in Reaper , a show that had a great collaborative cast. Among them, Tyler Labine (Mad Love ), Rick Gonzalez, Missy Peregrym and Ray Wise have all gone on to star and guest star in some of the shows we love. Harrison was added as a recurring character on V, which puts us here on high alert for the future of the show. In the past if an actor popped up on another show even as a guest star, viewers knew that their show was not going to return. Over the past couple years that has been stomped out because often actors float around on other shows and even other networks during their show’s hiatus.

This is the third attempt at television for Christian Slater. He starred in My Worst Enemy , which was actually very good but struggled to acquire the audience it needed to survive. The Forgotten had a great premise but could not withstand the competition from the best show on television: The Good Wife.

The competition for Breaking In is minimal, as far as we are concerned. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will probably be in reruns, we will no longer be following Criminal Minds, as they feel the female actors are easily discarded. Happy Endings, another sitcom to fill the ABC 9:30pm slot will begin on March 13, 2011 and may give them a bit of a run for their money. What will give them the biggest boost is following American Idol, which for whatever strange reason still has the viewership to be a great lead-in.