Golden Globe Awards Are a Glamorous Event

The entertainment business is still very powerful, despite the economical crisis. The Golden Globe Awards are one of the most glamorous events in the first part of the year and one of the three most watched shows on TV. The red carpet is thrown before celebrities from more than 55 countries, each eager to show their latest design creations and make the right connections.

The gala social event from the 13th of January, 2013 is the 70th competition since the first informal Golden Globe Awards presentation in 1944. The golden globe statuette was not implemented from the beginning, the first awards being in the form of scrolls. The idea of the Golden Globe came to the president of the group from 1945-1946, Marina Cisternas, and it became the symbol of glamor and success up to this day.

Under the name of Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association, the group presented its first formal gala associated event in 1945, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. In the first years, the only categories were for best actor, best actress and best film and involved all types of productions. Needing to be more accurate and just with the main types of movies, in 1951, the now known as Hollywood Foreign Press Association, divided the awards in two categories: drama and musical/comedy.

Golden Globe Awards evolved even more and in 1955 the achievements in television were also nominated. The newest addition is the category “Best Animated Feature Film”, which appeared in 2007. Today there are 25 different categories, 14 in motion pictures and 11 in television.

HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) is a non profit organization, that uses the money collected from this events to fund scholarships and entertainment related charities. Its mission is also to create and maintain favorable relations in the cultural field between different countries and the USA.

In order to obtain that, HFPA owns leading publications in the major continents: Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The most acknowledged newspapers and magazines are “Daily Telegraph” from England, “Le Figaro” from France, “L’Espresso” from Italy and “Vogue” from Germany.

On the 13th of January, 2013, the Golden Globe winners were the movies “Argo” and “Les Miserables”, with the best director award to Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman winning the best actor award in a musical, Jennifer Lawrence the best actress in a comedy; Daniel Day-Lewis won the best actor in drama and Jessica Chastain, best drama actress. Jodie Foster also received an award for lifetime achievements, designed to acknowledge the value of her work until the mature age of 50.

To summarize the role of such events in the cultural and entertainment departments, we need to say that people need models and characters to look upon and find their own dramas or happiness in their stories. The glamor and success of the actors and directors is only a mirror of people’s own needs and hopes. Backstage we’re all the same.