Twilight Eclipse’s All at the People’s Choice Awards 2011 – 4 Most Irresistible Facts About Twilight

The winners of the People’s Choice Awards 2011 have been declared, and after bagging 4 popular category awards, it seems Twilight still rules the world. The vampire-human love saga is not just for the kids, it’s the people’s choice too. So let’s delve on what it is about vampires and werewolves that attracts us so much.

Here are the 4 most irresistible facts about the Twilight series:

Fact 1: Robert Pattison portraying Edward Cullen.

Yes, I’m being such a girl. But hey Robert Pattison plays the role of a vampire reluctantly falling in love with a human really well. Frankly speaking, I didn’t like him much in that Harry Potter movie, but as Edward Cullen, Robert Pattison rocks. I absolutely love his smile. I can’t think of anyone else good for the role of Edward Cullen.

Of course there are many who watch Twilight only to watch Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, or even Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. But for me, it’s Robert Pattison all the way – the ultimate and only Edward Cullen in this world.

Fact 2: Edward Cullen’s struggle to be away from Bella Swan.

The series started with Edward avoiding Bella at all costs, and yet he couldn’t help being with her. The struggle Edward faces is so endearing. And of course, who can forget Bella? Her belief in Edward that he can’t harm even though he thirsts for her blood is definitely a thrill for us mere human beings.

Fact 3: Edward’s refusal to transform Bella into a vampire.

In all the movies so far in the Twilight series, Bella keeps on appealing to Edward to transform her into a vampire but Edward doesn’t. He wants her to live a full lifetime naturally, rather than living lifetimes as a teenage vampire with him. I mean his love is so selfless. There’s no way you can find this element in the love of your life, can you?

Fact 4: Struggle of Edward and Jacob over Bella.

Well, who doesn’t love a good love triangle? Add vampires and werewolves to this equation, and all of it just blows your mind. You’ve got to love this about the Twilight series. It’s a no-brainer.