Terra Nova – A Spielberg Sci-Fi Drama to Offer TV Viewers an Interesting Chill

Spielberg is cooking a brand new kind of series that will bring TV viewing to a new step. Terra Nova can be described as soon-to-be aired Sci-Fi drama from Fox that centers an ordinary American family, the Shannons in the time when the earth is dying, at the year 2149. At that time the Earth faces eminent destruction from overcrowding plus the environment polluted with a whole lot filth, the Shannons escape towards prehistoric times 85 million years back. They have successfully escaped the Earth’s death but not the terror from the dinosaurs. It will surely provide the chills because you follow the story. You can find more info about Terra Nova at Terra Nova TV. Moreover, here are four interesting things in regards to the series.

Spielberg does not only stick his name in the title, he greatly influences the entire series unlike other producers. He contributed good ideas that will give the series a practical catch in regards to the series’ time table. The rebreather mask that viewers will see within the series that inhabitants use to escape the polluted air is Spielberg’s idea. Spielberg also had a say in regards to the filming locations. He voted a yes for Hawaii as filming location and avoids comparison from another prehistoric hit, Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park and Terra Nova may be compared at a point because of the use of dinosaurs, but these are totally different. The former was the period from 199-145 million years within the Jurassic era while the latter is from the Cretaceous Period. This period is the start of flowering plants and herbs, along with the start of birds and mammals. The series have used dinosaurs that are less familiar to avoid comparing.

Terra Nova was really being eyed by three large broadcasting companies – SyFy, CBS, and Fox. The series was actually a 12-page short story written by British writer, Kelly Marcel. Because it had been made in Britain, SyFy’s British division was the 1st one to contact Marcel. Marcel was then influenced to sell the story within the US. In the end, it had been Fox who won the contract as a result of making TV programs to a success.

The show is becoming more family-oriented. They intend to make it more family-like to attract the proper audience. To do that, they have made the Shannon’s story realistic enough for you to be entertain.