Supernatural: An American Hit TV Series

Created by Eric Kripke, Supernatural is an American horror television series which follows the story of Wicnehster brothers – Sam and Dean, as they battle paranormal forces from demons to vampires to shape shifters and much more. The show features Jared Padalecki who played the character of Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles who portrayed Dean Winchester’s role, Sam’s older brother. Supernatural is being filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Produced by Warner Bros. Television and Wonderland Sound and Vision, Supernatural premiered on September 13, 2005 through The WB channel and is currently on it sixth season. The development of the story for Supernatural took around ten years to be completed for the reason that the show’s creator spent several unsuccessful years trying to pitch the story as a TV series.

The show’s initial telecast attracted almost six million viewers. Due to its commercial success, Kripke expanded the story of Supernatural from its original 3-season plan. Other recurring cast members of the show include: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrayed the character of John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s father; Jim Beaver, who played the role of Bobby Singer, who somehow became the surrogate father for the Winchester brothers after their father died, Misha Collins, played the character of an angel named Castiel, and much more.

Supernatural has been nominated several times in various award giving bodies such as: Emmy in 2006; Teen Choice Awards and Jensen Ackles in 2006; Saturn Award in 2006, 2008, and 2009, among others. Unfortunately, the show has not won any major award until now.