Top Science Fiction Movies – 3 Movies You Must See in Your Lifetime

When people say they are science fiction fans it is really too much of a generic statement, most of us enjoy movies set in the future when they have good story lines and plenty of action. Some people will prefer robot movies; some people really enjoy watching the director show his thoughts of how the future earth will look while other people just want to see big monsters.

There are films in the science fiction niche that appeal to everyone, here are 3 of my top ones: –

1. Star Wars
Star Wars truly has it all, if there is only one film that people must watch then I would say this is it. It shows a future that seems believable (well to me anyway), It has good vs evil and of course a romantic scenario as well, Many people who are over 35 will actually remember where they first saw this film, it really did have that much of an impact on us.

2. Terminator
I pick this film as it scared the living whatsits out of me, not just because it features Arnold Schwarzenegger as a robot from the future who wants to kill people, and is very good at it. It also scared me because it looked believable and taps into the love/fear relationship I have with technology.

3. Aliens
What if there is life on other planets and it doesn’t look all short and friendly like ET, what if it has huge teeth and is hungry? This film goes into not just our fear of big scary creatures, but also our distrust of big business and it also shows how all the guns in the world may be no use against a big set of teeth.