Start A Sci-Fi Blog To Make Money Online Being A Sci-Fi Geek

So you like sharing about Sci-Fi and even considered starting a Sci-Fi blog just so you can post content about the latest movies, TV series or just something plain weird you stumbled upon – but have you ever thought about making money with it as a part-time or even full-time career? If so, then you’ve probably already researched a few ways to do it.

There are people with travel blogs, dating blogs and even blogs about fanfiction who make a lot of money through simple online marketing methods that almost anyone can apply. For people who love sci-fi, this concept would not only be easy to understand but also very enjoyable and fun since there are loads of different concepts and universes to explore around the Internet that are very sci-fi related. Starting a simple blog would be a great choice for you to do even if you’re part-time.

If you’re familiar with how other media sites make money, then the concept of making money through a sci-fi blog would be easy for you to understand right away. They basically drive traffic to their sites with user-generated content and usually get paid through advertising revenue. The same concept can be taken into your own personal sci-fi blog.

Imagine you start a simple WordPress blog and start posting content about sci-fi flicks and novels such as reviews or opinions and then get paid when someone views some advertising? That concept is now possible with Google Adsense on your blog. You simply allow Google to load up your blog with relevant ads and you get paid a small amount whenever someone clicks on them. Quite simple really – but if you feel the commissions from this are way too small, there are other things you can try.

Another thing to do is affiliate marketing. This is a concept that’s popular with those who are also new to making money online. With a sci-fi blog, you can always get what’s known as an affiliate product (a product you didn’t create yourself but get commissions off each sale) and sell it on your blog while you get paid whenever buys it with your unique URL link. There’s many different products you can choose to sell from the vendors at Clickbank or even Amazon that you can get commissions for a certain percentage.

A lot of people who have no experience with an online business may be turned off from starting a blog simply because they think it’s too complex and too hard. Now that’s just a silly myth. Because you can easily get a WordPress set up and pick a theme that appeals to you and then just start blogging. It’s such a user-friendly platform that you can just start posting about sci-fi flicks or reviews about whatever you like.

The only key though if you really want to make money online with a blog with any of the concepts listed above is that you need a lot of traffic. You need to build a big audience and it may take some learning to do that. However there are great systems with great education that can teach you that. Once you have the formula in place, you start blogging and geeking out with your sci-fi blog while also living the dream lifestyle and get all the babes like a high-roller.