9 Action Movies All High Def Junkies Will Love

When you want to sit down and watch an awesome action movie, you definitely want to see every explosion, every kick, every jump and every move as clearly as possible. And there’s nothing high def junkies love more than watching a great action packed movie on a big screen with the surround sound on and cranked up. While each person will have their own opinions about which action movies are the best, almost everyone can come up with a top ten list of movies that are just awesome to watch in high definition.

Here’s yet another top 10 list of action movies that really makes watching action movies in high def a true pleasure. (These are in no particular order.)

1. The Bourne Trilogy – Jason Bourne goes from not remembering who he is to understanding exactly how he came to be who he is. Takes place in countries all over the world and these movies have some of the most amazing action sequences ever shot and watching these off of HD satellite is almost as good as Blu-Ray.

2. The Die Hard Series – John McClane is an explosive, take no prisoners New York cop who takes on home grown terrorists and high tech thieves.

3. Kill Bill and Kill Bill Volume 2 – If you are a high def fan, these two movies are great to watch because they feature some of the most bizarre action you will probably ever see.

4. Wanted – An action film that takes Angelina Jolie in a totally different direction. Fun, fast and fantastic, this one is a must-see in HD satellite.

5. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – Visually rich, extraordinary performances and amazing action sequences makes the newest Batman movies ones to really experience.

6. The Italian Job – A star studded cast brings off a truly awesome action packed movie that is fun, thrilling and funny all at once. If you’ve never seen The Italian Job in high def, you’re missing a real treat.

7. Transporter Series – Jason Statham takes the driving movie to the next level in these, showing off his skill as both a driver and a fighter. The fight sequences are awesome and the car stunts are just as good.

8. The Matrix Series – Ok, granted, the last two were a bit hokey but the action sequences were still spectacular on HD satellite or Blu-Ray. And you have to admit, the original Matrix was a truly mind bending experience.

9. Back To The Future Series – While the second one was the world’s longest trailer, the whole series was a fun romp through the past, the future and the Old West. An excellent way for high def junkies to spend an afternoon on a snowy Saturday afternoon is playing this trilogy because it is visually amazing and fun to watch.

You may argue that this movie or that movie should be on the list and some of the movies on it shouldn’t be there but overall, this is a list that high def junkies will want to check out. With the amazing quality of the new high definition screens, these movies become even better.