Top 5 Action Movies Ever Shown

Action movies are Hollywood’s  top grosser in the box office so it seems easy to come up with a list of the best of them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Any action movie sucker knows that creating a compilation of the best action movies to have ever hit the screen is an epic task. This is simply because each of these great action movies are the best in their own right. In addition, each person has or her own taste when it comes to selecting the best of the best action movies there is. No matter how many times you watch a favorite movie, there will always be something new to get from it as if it was the first time you watch it. The list below is a personal compilation of the author, and as such, should never constitute an aesthetic standard when it comes to action films selection.

1. Saving Private Ryan–This soldier’s-eye view of the Second World War storming of Normandy during D-Day is simply devastating. This film is the father of all WWII films and is considered a good measure for filmmaking. There are many action movies with the same theme but Saving Private Ryan simply supersedes all of them. The most striking part was the beach assault of Omaha. Excellent use of filmmaking techniques such as muted colors, slight speeding up of images, hand-held cameras, and many others, all contributed to the uniqueness of the film. Amazing movie creation.

2. Terminator 2 Judgment Day–Released in 1991, this sequel of the original Terminator is considered the best of the series even after the release of Terminator 3. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as an android sent from the future to protect a young boy who will lead the future revolutionary movement against the machines that will take control of the world. This is also, by far, Schwarzenegger’s best action movie.

3. Gladiator–If you have a flair for history and historical settings, Gladiator will never fail to deliver the excitement and adventure you are looking for.  Russell Crowe perfectly portrayed the hardy qualities of Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius even in the face of personal adversity and extreme hardships. This movie also offers an excellent accurate display of the tale of gladiators in the once blood-thirsty Roman Empire.

4. Die Hard –Looking for raw action? Die Hard, released in 1988, is the best one to start your movie marathon. Bruce Willis, playing the part of a gung-ho NYPD cop, is the ideal fit to take on the role. His character managed to neutralize a terrorist group who took over a large skyscraper in New York. You will never tire out watching this one.

5. Troy–Should you want a healthy dose of ancient warfare, Troy, released in 2004 and starred by Brad Pitt, is your best choice. This movie tells the story of the Trojan War in the eyes of Achilles, the mightiest Greek warrior that Trojans feared for several years.