Five Amazing Films To Watch With Your Best Friend

If you’re a fan of movies and lists, you have certainly come across your fair share of movie lists for date nights, family nights, and other occasions that warrant a near binge-worthy watching of certain flicks. What about films to watch with your best friend? Sure, you may not be romantically linked or have an actual blood relationship with them, but your best friend is someone who becomes an extension of who you are. They are, for lack of a better way of putting it, your spirit animal.

The good thing is that there is a plethora of movies you and your bestie can enjoy together. If you do look around for lists of some kind that note movies which could appeal to BFFs, they tend to be a little one-dimensional and only focus on one aspect of your friendship – the “isn’t it great that we’re friends forever” part. This, however, is not how real best friends operate. There are subtle nuances to the relationship that are hard to describe.

Being best friends with someone is dynamic and constantly evolving. The one constant is the love the two you share, but that love survives some serious ups and downs.

So, if you and your best friend are hanging out, check out these five films that are absolutely perfect for BFFs:

Bridesmaids – What happens when a best friend has to contend with your other friends during what should be the happiest time of your life? This is one of the best comedies of the last decade, but it still manages to temper all of the laughs with heart.

Wayne’s World – Everyone’s a little weird, so when you find your other weird half, why wouldn’t you put together a cable access show about absolutely nothing at all? This is a comedic gem that still rocks twenty-five years later.

First Wives Club – Sometimes friends grow apart, and when they do, no one is ever really sure why it happened in the first place. It may take a terrible tragedy to get the gang back together again, but will the renewed friendship survive the trials and tribulations of life?

Stand By Me – Best friends are more than just a shoulder to cry on – they are everything to you. This iconic movie follows a group of friends on a journey to see a dead body, but what they learn about themselves along the way truly changes them. This movie is classic cinema at its finest.

Mean Girls – So, you don’t know anyone, and the only people who acknowledge you are the weirdo outsiders. Then, the most popular girls in school decide to take a chance on you, and your weirdo friends think it would be a hoot to infiltrate the “popular girl” inner circle. This movie has serious staying power & a great message, enough to warrant a Broadway musical nearly a decade & a half later.

The films to watch listed here have a number of things in common. They are full of laughs & tears, which should be a law for BFF films all over the world. These movies are not afraid to question the motivations for establishing a BFF in your life. Finally, they give you a sense of what being a true, life-long friend entails. It’s not easy, which is why finding your best friend in life is a momentous occasion.