Interstellar: An Epic Story With a Crisp Cinematography

Massive and spectacular are the two words that describe a movie like Interstellar. Being an avid Christopher Nolan fan, I was spellbound when I saw this movie. Nolan is famous for his out of the box creativity. Interstellar is one such journey that the viewer can take sitting at a place. Unimaginable shooting destinations, Nolan surprises us with his brilliance in using surroundings as an advantage. The narrative is progressive and has a slow pace. The music is by Hans Zimmer; another creative genius who has given music for every minute of emotion that is on the onscreen.

It starts with a story of a man named Cooper. An ex-NASA pilot striving hard to survive the post 21st-century era; who brings us hope and inspires us to dream of a future. Unaware of the circumstances, there is a little girl named Murf, who loves her daddy more than anything. Cooper’s family consists of his daughter, son, and father-in-law. Murf is the centre for Cooper’s journey in the movie. She complains to him that there is a ghost in her closet who keeps pushing an artefact. After several complaints, Cooper checks the dust in Murf’s room and discovers that it is gravity. This phenomenon actually symbolizes a pattern of binary code as coordinates to a location of NASA’s underground facility. Following the coordinates, Cooper and Murf reach to the facility.

They meet Dr. Brand, who is the in charge of the facility and was the professor of Cooper. Luckily he meets the entire team of NASA. There he discovers the mission of NASA; to look for traces of planets which can sustain human life with water, food, sunlight and breathable air. Cooper questions the existence of such a planet and is the reason put by the scientists that they have found a way to check if such a planet exists. Dr. Brand addresses that there is a wormhole which mysteriously surfaced 48 years ago which allows us to enter a different galaxy probable to sustain life. There are two plans: A & B. Plan A is that they look for galaxies that can sustain human life and a massive exodus. Plan B is that the Endurance ship carries 5000 frozen embryos which can be sent to the habitable planet to colonize further in future. Cooper takes us on an exciting journey with scientific facts to support every kind of theory.