Christmas Movies – What’s Your Favorite?

When I think of Christmas movies, so many different movies come to mind. But what is your favorite? I have a favorite of my own, but are there any that really sticks out in your mind? The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of year. The temperature is much cooler. It is for me anyway because I live in the Deep South. If you live in the northeast, I am sure that your memories of the Holiday Season are filled with cold weather and lots of snow.

So what is my favorite Christmas movie? I have to admit that one of my favorites is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I have so many memories growing up watching this movie on the night of Thanksgiving. Because when Thanksgiving is over, Christmas time is here, right? But what about the colorized version of this movie? I have to admit, I simply hate it. I guess I am just a purist and love the black and white version.

Another one of my favorites is “Miracle on 34th Street”. It’s an all-time classic and my mother simply loves it too. And don’t forget about “A Christmas Story”. This one comes to mind because my entire family hates this movie. I know, most American families simply love this movie, but me, not so much.

Those are a few of the classics as I like to call them, but what about some more modern flicks? The first one that comes to mind is “Home Alone”. That’s right, the movie where Kevin defends his home when he is left behind when the family goes on holiday. I brought this one up because of the fact that my mother-in-law loves it so much. And don’t forget about “Scrooged”. Bill Murray does Charles Dickens classic justice in this modern representation of “A Christmas Carol”.

Now here comes the good part. My single most favorite Christmas movie of all time is “Christmas Vacation”. Chevy Chase is the funniest individual on the planet, and this movie catches him in his prime. Clark and Cousin Eddie make me and my family roll on the floor with laughter every year on the day after Thanksgiving. My favorite part is where the dog Snots is yakking on a bone under the dinner table. Its sounds so gross, but it gets me every time. Another one of my favorite parts is where Clark is decorating how with all of those lights and nearly kills himself.