Big Bang Theory

One of the best comedy series on American Television is Big Bang Theory. The show was premiered on television on 24th September, 2007. The set is in California and the story revolves around two male Caltech prodigies. Both men are in their twenties. One of them is theoretical physicist and the other on is playing a role of an experimental physicist. Then there is a beautiful blonde waitress. Leonard and Sheldon are these two guys and Penny is the blonde girl. There are other two main characters also, who are friends to the guys, Howard and Rajesh. Initially when the show was aired, it did not pick up. The creators of the show were asked to revise it. In initial plot, there were only three characters, the main two guys and Penny. This show faced some issues in the beginning but once it picked up, there was no looking back.

The theme song for the show has been written and recorded by Bare-naked Ladies and it is considered to be one of the best ones in the market. DVDs are also available for this show for the show lovers. The show has won three awards so far. These awards are Outstanding Achievement in Comedy and Individual Achievement in Comedy (Jim Parsons), the third award is American Film Institute Award for the category of The Best Ten Television Programs of The Year.

Talking of the main cast of the show, the characters are very different personalities. Leonard is an experimental physicist, with an IQ of 173. He got his PhD. at an age of twenty four. He shares his apartment with Sheldon and thinks of Penny as he likes her. Sheldon is a born genius. He is a man of routine. He strictly believes in daily routine things. Right after completing his fifth grade, at an age of eleven, Sheldon enters college. He has got an IQ of 187..!! He earned through education two PhDs. and is a theoretical physicist. He adds sarcasm and humour in the show. His complete lack of humility creates a different character in him, which has been used a lot of times to create episodes around it.

Beautiful Penny is a neighbour to these two guys. She is shown as a mean character at times. Her main aim in like is to secure a career in show business however so far she has not been successful in that. In order to survive and pay her bills, she opts to work as a waitress.

Big Bang Theory shows different cultures in the series. Another main character, Howard is a Jew. He thinks of himself as a Ladies Man. He is an aerospace engineer with a Master’s degree. He is famous for his pick up lines in this show. Rajesh is an Indian from New Delhi who works as a particle Astrophysicist. Overall, the show is a decent show with two seasons on DVD. The popularity of this show is rising with each passing day. So, are you watching it?

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