My Favorite HBO Shows Of All Time

When it comes to TV channels that offer the highest quality shows, HBO has to be at the top of the list. Every year at the Emmy’s HBO ends up bringing home more awards than any other network. Maybe having no filter on premium television helps.

In my opinion, the following shows are some of the best HBO shows of all time.

It only took one episode of True Blood to get me hooked. This show is seriously addicting and creator Alan Ball, who also was behind Six Feet Under, hit a home run with this graphic vampire series.

It goes without saying that any list of the best HBO shows has to include everyone’s favorite Italian family, The Sopranos. James Gandolfini was the absolute perfect casting for Tony Soprano and this show is sorely missed by fans looking for their mafia TV fix.

No list of HBO shows would be complete without mentioning at least one comedy, and for me, the clear cut winner is Curb Your Enthusiasm. Something about Larry David is just special. No one else sees the world as this guy does.

Another TV show that is definitely worth mentioning is Hard Knocks. The Jets were the most recent team to be featured on this show that chronicles the trials and tribulations of an NFL team as they get ready for the regular season. While the Bengals were entertaining, the Jets brought it to another level.

The Wire is the last show that makes the list, and in my honest opinion, this is one of the top five shows in television history. All I can say is this is not a show that should be watched with a younger audience or for the faint of heart.

As it stands, this is my list. I do think that Boardwalk Empire shows a lot of promise and when all is said and done, could crack the top five HBO shows of all time.