Showtimes “Masters of Horror”

So here we were,us horror fans just going about our daily lives and seeing our genre very rarely represented on television.When all of a sudden “Masters of Horror” was announced.When it was first announced,we only knew a few things.Mainly that it would be a horror anthology series and it would premier on the Showtime cable network.But little did we know that such a mass of directorial talent would be assembled for the series.In case you don’t know what “Masters of Horror” is all about,the skinny on it is it’s a horror anthology series which features 13 hour long episodes each one is directed by one of the genres famous directors.Now when I say famous I’m not just talking about some current director whos on a roll no I mean people who have actually mounted a huge body of work and good horror films at that.Mick Garris,Don Coscarelli,Dario Argento,John Carpenter,Roger Corman,William Malone,Stuart Gordon,and the legendary Tobe Hooper.

In my opinion a show like this is long overdue.This isn’t just another series that we will have our doubts about and wonder whether or not it will be a total waste to even bother watching.Nor is this a series where we won’t want to get too attached because should the ratings drop 1 percentage below the networks liking it will be pulled from television faster than the Terrell Owens and Nicollette Sheridan MNF commercial was.Why? Well two reasons.Number 1 it is set to air on Showtime and when it comes to cable networks it’s very rare if they yank a show in the middle of it’s first season.Not to mention ratings isn’t as important of a game as it is with the network channels.Number two and the most important reason of all,with the directorial talent lined up for this series,I think it’s safe to say that were in for a real treat.

In addition to directing their respective episodes,most of the directors also wrote the screenplays for their stories.Which further enhances the chances of all 13 stories being really great in their own right,and it’s all here folks.For those of you who are fans of dark urban legends,serial killers,and erotic horror,or if your tastes run more along the lines of zombies,the supernatural,or creature features,believe me,there is an episode here just for you.To put it frankly,”Masters of Horror” has something for every horror fans sub-genre tastes.Including two entries from “Cabin Fever” director Eli Roth and Takashi Miike whos quickly made a name for himself as far as foreign horror directors go here in the states and abroad.Rumor also has it that should the first season be a success,Showtime is strongly considering doing a second season of “MOH”.One bit of bad news though,George A. Romero won’t be involved as previously thought due to other engagements.However despite his non-involvement,”Masters of Horror” is sure to be very awesome.”Masters of Horror” premiers on Showtime conveniently enough starting on October 28th.