TV Review: Flashpoint (CBS)

Flashpoint is a Canadian import that airs on CBS but often gets pushed around a bit and can be tossed in the mix at any time. It is based and filmed in Canada and only Amy Jo Johnson is American.

Johnson was the original pink ranger on The Power Rangers and Stacy Reynolds for one season on The Division. Enrico Colantoni is best known for his roles on American television playing Elliot Dimauro on Just Shoot Me! and Keith Mars on Veronica Mars. Hugh Dillon has built a repertoire of great work in Canadian films as well as starring on Durham County, a Canadian dramatic series. Dillon is known in the rock world as lead singer of The Headstones, a commercially successful quartet that would lyrically tackle issues of suicide and controversial issues of necrophilia. David Paetkau has been in many films but is best known for his role as Evan Lewis in Final Destination 2, where his character has a gruesome encounter with a ladder. These are the four main actors who make up the primary characters of the show; Gregory Parker (Enrico Colantoni), Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon), Julianna Callaghan (Amy Jo Johnson) and Sam Braddock (David Paetkau).

The show is engaging as it explores the emotions that often go hand in hand with the job they do. They are a tactical unit called The Strategic Response Unit (SRU) that performs their job within a metropolitan police force. They often deal with high-risk situations but the viewer gets an insight into what happens to people in these positions who at times may have to leave their emotions at the table and make decisions. There is a SWAT-like atmosphere, where an approach to a hostage situation with guns having the upper hand and the person holding the gun can be desperate, delusional and sometimes just needing some understanding.

The writers have put a good package together and the directors have not over-dramatized the situation, so it feels real and believable. It is action packed but is not over the top with unrealistic physical feats, extended fight scenes, crazy gun-play or car chases. The writing does not talk down to the viewer but is captivating, drawing you in until the finish.

CBS should settle down, give it a time slot, and let the audience be drawn in weekly by the great work by the writers, actors and directors. As of late, this writing it has replaced Chaos in the 8pm Friday night time slot. The intensity of the show is a bit much and should be put in the 9pm slot where it would be a great lead in for Blue Bloods.




Thankfully, this good series has crept back into the CBS line-up. Sadly, it has replaced a show (Chaos) which had great potential but it seems the network was not going to wait around for it to catch on. The Friday night 8pm time slot has become a sore spot for the network. They have had several good shows, but have pulled them just as the viewers were catching on. We are just glad to have this show back but for how long is still uncertain.