Kings – The TV Series

Kings is kind of based on the story of King David. This is a story that is from the bible but it is a modern time version which makes this even more interesting. They substituted different characters in the bible and Kings series. Like how the Goliath was a huge person but in the series, it’s a huge tank. See the difference? And like how the kingdom couldn’t do anything to him, you can’t do anything to the tanks.

So the story of King David was that he killed Goliath and took over the kingdom. Which he ruled for a long time under a great rule. He was known to be a wise king. Did you hear the story about the two mothers and one baby. King David said he will split the baby in half and the real mother said don’t. She will give up her kid to save his life. That was when wise David let the real mother keep the child.

The TV series isn’t like that but how David struggled under the reign of King Silas.It is a great TV series that you have to watch. Even though it’s only for one season, you can have a clearer picture for the life of David. The great struggles he had to do and how he was still a true person. A lot of action, love and betrayal. The 3 aspects of a great show, you will get it all during the TV series you will watch. So hurry up and watch it. If you don’t know where, go watch it at NBC or on Hulu, there are so many places to choose from.

I will say this now and only now, the series was canceled, I don’t know why but if you read forums, a lot of people loved the show. So you will have a better understanding and it’s still a great show to watch. If you don’t want to watch it, have a read.