Survivor – Heroes Vs Villains

Have you become a Survivor addict over the years? This season Survivor: Heroes vs Villains in Samoa will leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat as the cast that is made up of all of your favorite heroes and villains from previous seasons takes center stage. This seasons promises not to disappoint the loyal viewers at home. Whether you have been keeping track of all of the seasons that have been on television or you are new to the Survivor television series you will not want to miss Heroes vs Villains this season.

The first episode of the hit television series starts off with a bang. Both sides enter the island on helicopters where they are promptly introduced to the television audience. Although, these characters need no introduction due to the fact they are all returning players. That is what makes this season a lot better for those who are watching at home.

Everything that you may be used to seeing on previous seasons will not happen this season. There will be no character development, no need for worrying about how shelter is going to be built, and no dead wood to tug along for the first few episodes of the season. If you are like many people you know that the show does not start getting good until the first 11 votes have been casted. That is when we get closer to determining who is going to make it to the end of the show.

This season promises to have some of the most thrilling episodes ever! You can tell from the first episode that the players are all playing a different strategy and that things are going to heat up this season. The Heroes prove that they may be the good guys but they are not going to be the pushovers that they are made out to be as they beat the Villains in the first challenge and win the fire starter kit. However, in the end the Villains win the immunity challenge and the Heroes have to send one of their own packing.

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains is going to be one of the most thrilling seasons in Survivor history. If you are a reality TV show addict then you probably already know what you will get when you keep up with this great reality series. However, if you are new to reality television and want a great show to keep track of then make sure to tune in to Heroes vs Villains.