That 70’s Show

That 70’s Show is an American television sitcom based on life of teenagers. These teenagers are not living in a real town. In fact, they are shown to be living in a fictional town in Wisconsin, named Point Place from May 1976 to 12:00am of January 1st, 1980. The show is basically about six teenagers living in Point Place town in Wisconsin. The show’s main protagonist is Eric Foreman character played by Topher Grace. Eric is a very skinny teenager who loves what most of the teenager boys love. He loves G. I. Joe, Star Wars. He also have got a girlfriend who is shown as pretty tomboyish. Her name is Donna.

The series basically focuses on teenage relationships. The series show the relationship between Eric and Donna. Both of them are in to a relationship. Viewers can notice that often Eric jokes about having sex with Donna in the series. The show depicts various forms of relationships amongst these teenagers. As the show is called That 70’s Show, it talks about lot of social issues of that time. There are episodes based on feminism, sexual attitude in progressive manner, recession, lack of trust on American government by youngsters, drug usage in teenagers, technology etc. Another thing in this show is that lot of dream sequences are shown in this series. Basically, the show talks about what teenagers use to do in 70’s. There were less options. And most of the time, these teenagers in this show used to spend time in basement taking dope.

The show has completed eight seasons in total. It depicts a different era altogether. A funny show with a lot of insight about how things were in 70’s the show is a must one time watch at least. This show is pretty popular amongst the viewers as it shows good and healthy comedy. DVDs have also been released for this show. Hence, people who love this show can watch is over and over again. The thing which makes the show different is that not just it is set up in a different era, the creators tried to tell viewers about sub categories for that era as well. In first two seasons, episodes opened with titles stating the season or month of that year. Example: Late Spring, 1977 or June 1977 etc. That 70’s Show ran for eight seasons with 200 episodes. Viewers were always amazed by new ways or let’s say old ways. There are many events or things which are kept common in all seasons. One of such things is the Green Helmet.

This helmet is the “Stupid Helmet”. Whenever somebody from the group of teenagers does something stupid, he has to wear this helmet. When Eric told the gang that he wants to propose Donna, he had to wear this helmet. There are various other things getting repeated in seasons. Things like Water Tower and dream sequences have found place in almost all seasons. Three Cheers to the ever green 70’s Show!!