Game of Thrones Series 1 and 2

Even after re-reading the books three times you will still be able to find new connections and clues about what might be coming for the following season. Just a kind advice for all of you who decided to read this regardless of the spoiler advice, George R.R Martin really likes to kill people, so do not get attached to a main actor. In this article we will be discussing several characters from my perspective from both the books and the series although this article will be mostly series based.

So we will start of with the ‘hero’ of season one; Eddard Stark of Winterfell.

Eddard is an honourable man, rarely you will find him making decisions which are not for the good of the empire, regardless of his own health. The character was amazingly represented by Sean Bean (Known from the Lord of the Rings trilogy) every emotion is as you would imagine it to be for a man of his status. Although he is forced into certain situations he never wanted to be in in the first place he always puts the empire before his own good, sometimes making decisions that irritate those who are there for money or power. Digging your own grave you could call it. That being the main reason why the word ‘hero’ is between quotations in the title of this paragraph, Eddard stark is a likeable man of his word, he represents justice, honour and honesty. That is the reason I name him a hero, because so many people took this man for the one who was in an attempt to make the kingdom a fair place without corruption.

And of course there is his bastard son, Jon Snow.

There is a simple reason I put Jon before Robb in this article, and that is because Jon his storyline was more interesting to me. So Robb was playing war games with some of the big shots in town, Jon was basically settling the foundation for the rest of the series. War cannot last forever, the wall has already done that. For that reason we will be discussing Jon Snow.

The bastard with a mother whose identity remains unknown throughout the series, there are rumours, there are myths but his true identity only finds truth in George R.R Martin his notes. Eddard either avoids the question about this or answers sceptical. But let’s leave this to rest, his mother does not look like much of an issue early on in the series anyway. Jon knows that as a bastard son of a lord he will never find much position in the world, but his father tells him that at the wall, people their former identities are forgotten, and even the son of a thief can find great positions on the wall.

His work on the wall does not gain him respect early on, he was trained by some of the best swordsman available to winterfell and basically humiliates his brothers on the wall during training sessions. His protection of Samwall doesn’t gain him any respect either, Sam is considered as a craven/coward who has more fear in his body than fat, and that is rather a lot.

Yet he finds his way in to Lord Mormont his trust, saving his life in the process. You can see that Jon Snow is a man who tries to do good, but the tales he heard about the wall are not as noble as he was told, nowadays the forces on the wall consist out of thieves, scum and general prison inhabitants. Men you might have trouble trusting when they’re supposed to have your back. Yet he grows in position, and slowly finds ways to change to wall for a good cause. Look out for this guy in season three, he will surprise you greatly and it would be a waste to spoil any further.

Bran Stark, the cripple son of Eddard Stark.

Ok, so here is where the major spoilers start because it is essential to describe Bran as a person without them. So, he was pushed down a wall by a certain Lanister which from this moment on people will start to hate. Bran is what, 10 years old? How can you preform an act with the purpose of killing a ten year old? Anyway, due to him stuck in bed almost permanently Bran starts having these dreams about a first person view of a wolfs vision. Well I will not go into this any further but these dreams will start to become of great interest further down the series. Bran being a child does not let you look much into what he is thinking, what kind of a person he is. But from the few acts of generosity he shows you do get a general idea. Bran is a good kid, his dreams become more and more common and start to show different clues. He is important in the series due to those dreams (you do not give someone so many essential clues and then just kill him off) and you will see more of him shortly.

The Game of Thrones series is based on the bookseries written by George R.R Martin, who by now can be named as a literate mastermind, his series have been keeping several internet communties active just by figuring out all the connections his books contain.