Alcatraz TV Show Review

One of the biggest television shows to air for 2012 will be called Alcatraz. The story revolves around the prison Alcatraz, renown for the infamous prisoners it contained. It contained rapists, serial killers, thieves and all the other guys that should be kept of the streets through the 1960’s. The interesting story line behind this TV show is the characters all disappear at the same time not leaving trace of where or when they would be back. Remember that Alcatraz was an island surrounded my water and any land was miles away making any thoughts of escape impossible.

The year is 2011 and Rebecca Madsen (played by Sarah Jones) is on an investigation to solve a murder. She falls upon a set of finger prints and runs them back at the office. After over 50 years the inhabitants disappearances, the finger prints trace back to Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce ). As seen by the released trailer, he plays his part quite smoothly. Everything is a mystery as of now and he doesn’t quite give any clues as to where hes been either. Sam Neil plays Emerson Hauser and he will help Rebecca Madsen solve this case however the problem, as we will find out through later episodes becomes more complex. The intriguing and twisting part of this show is that Rebecca Madsen has family history behind Alcatraz.

Her parents and other family members use to work there as security but is it possible that more went on at Alcatraz? Was there scientific experiments done to the prisoners? Remember that this is very possible. In the 1960’s, the US was trying to find new ways to interrogate prisoners. We had the Cold War era in which our livelihood was threatened by the Soviets. What is clear is that this TV series is being made by JJ Abrams meaning that we can expect to see a high budget and plot riveting story. He’s the great mind behind Star Trek and Super 8. Alcatraz will attempt to be an Action, mystery, and thriller type of movie as was “Lost” was when JJ Abrams created.

One particular character in Alcatraz is Jorge Garcia who played Hugo Res in Lost. I suspect they brought him back since he was hugely popular to the fan base in Lost and is expected to make a hit come January 16th when the TV show airs. He plays a similar character to that of which he played in Lost as a support character aiding Rebecca Madsen in the case. More speculation to come, and hopefully the days pass quick to the season premiere to learn more.