The Walking Dead – Episode 5 – Wildfire!

In episode five of the hit new show on AMC, The Walking Dead, our group struggles to recover from many losses that happened in episode four. Episode five is entitled wildfire. The episode begins with our survivors collecting the bodies of the dead and burning them to make sure they did not come back to life. In episode four Andrea lost her sister Amy and will not let anybody come close to her dead body, eventually Amy comes back to life as a zombie, and Andrea is forced to kill her only sister. Our protagonist, Rick wrestles with the hope that the man and his son that saved him in the first episode are still alive. The survivors argue about where to go next, some of them want to stay at camp and keep hiding, while others such as Rick feel that they need to leave because they are like sitting ducks. All the sudden it becomes obvious that one of them, Jim has been bitten by one of the zombies, for those of you that don’t know this is a death sentence, a death sentence that will ultimately bring him back to life as a walker. The group decides to travel to the CDC, located about 200 miles away. They get a caravan together with all of their cars and start traveling, bringing Jim up with them. As they travel it becomes evident that Jim is getting worse by the minute. His fever has skyrocketed and when the Winnebago overheats Jim begs for the group to leave him to die underneath a tree in the forest so that he can be with his family that he lost not so long ago. Reluctantly the group travels on and by dawn if they reach the CDC.

At this time the show pans over to an unknown character that we have not met yet that is located in a very high tech looking building. It becomes evident that he is testing zombie flesh looking for a cure to the outbreak. The show then goes back to our group of survivors and shows them arriving at the CDC however, there’s apparently no way in. The man that we saw earlier sees our group through a video camera however coldly turns them away. Darkness has set up on our group and walkers are closing in on them quickly. Finally after much begging and pleading the mysterious man in the building lets them in. This is where the show leaves off, on a very steep cliff hanger.