24 – the TV Series

In the television history, 24 could be termed as one of the most inventive, applauded and acclaimed dramas one could ever witness.

In its very first session, this gripping thriller got nominations for whopping 57 Emmy awards and won the titles for Outstanding Drama Series [2006] and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for star Kiefer Sutherland in 2006.

If coming closer to the plot of 24, Jack Bauer, the lead character of the series, pilots an elite team of CIA agents who are on a fray to unfold a killing intrigue targeting David Palmer, a Presidential nominee.

Every season of this thriller blends twisting happenings and its plot whirls around terrorists, an innocent family and the ups and downs in the life of a president. Bauer has been branded in the series for his non-compromising, unpredictable deeds but certainly as a very efficient agent, being accountable for preventing numerous major terrorist attacks on the soil of United States.

Glenn Morshower, who plays Aaron Pierce, and Michael Jacey who plays Agent John are the only actors besides Sutherland to appear in all six seasons. Apart from Kiefer Sutherland, there were a number of artists who pushed the life in this thrilling series.

Those actors include Mary Lynn Rajskub who played the part of Chloe O’Brian; James Morrison, an accomplished filmmaker, playwright, poet, producer, and actor played the role of Bill Buchanan; Annie Wersching, popularly known as TV producer Amelia Joffe in the drama General Hospital, portrayed the character of Renee Walker and Colm Feore justified the role of Henry Taylor in the series.