The Supernatural Story: 10 Years In The Making

For those who want to enter the world of the paranormal, “Supernatural” provides exactly that priceless opportunity. While it may not allow you to enter the world of the paranormal in real life, the story is something that is sure to captivate anyone who enjoys immersing their mind with the thoughts of supernatural forces being real.

Is there a reason that this show was in development for almost 10 years? Could it be that the storyline really isn’t all that interesting or is it just the fact that many networks decided to underestimate the potential that it would have if added to their lineup?

Well, it’s not really a secret that “Supernatural” was in development for just about 10 years and this has definitely raised some curiosity among the world. The truth is that there had to be variations made in order to get networks to actually water at the mouth when it was presented to them and there weren’t very many people who really wanted to take the chance of adding this concept into the lineup of their already-successful shows. What has been ignored is the fact that “Supernatural” has surpassed the expectations that the creator had for how long it would run and this has led him to crafting even more seasons to keep this unique, yet addictive paranormal TV show going for many years to come.

When you watch “Supernatural,” you can clearly see that there was a lot of thought put into the plot while embracing the passion for urban legends that Eric Kripke (the creator of “Supernatural”) has had since he was a kid. It’s the tale of two brothers who originally set out on a search for their father who had been lost when they were out on a hunting expedition, but this simple search turned out to be the start of a chain of unpredictable, yet memorable events directly related to the world of the paranormal.

From fighting ghosts all the way to having to battle the Leviathan which is the ultimate creature in their paranormal world, everything is truly changing in such a way that captivates the minds of viewers while leaving them to wonder what in the world could actually happen next.

“Supernatural” is one of very few TV shows that has generated just about all positive responses from critics as well as viewers. While there are slight complaints such as how long it took the writers to implement certain aspects of the show, it’s clear that each episode is developed in a manner that fits right into the lives of these two brothers.

Something that took 10 years to develop has now become a long-running television series that the world can’t seem to get enough of. When something takes that long to be released, you would think that it’s just a waste of time. However, “Supernatural” is clear-cut evidence that as long as one stays persistent when pursuing their dream (I’m talking about the creator having a passion for urban legends and wanting to interpret in a way that entertains others) they can create something that many people didn’t even see coming. Not to mention, the power to catch even the creator off guard with the need for more seasons than were projected in the beginning.

With that said, grab up a season of “Supernatural,” a comfy blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and turn out the lights for a night that is sure to put some chills into your spine.