Fan Favorites: The 4 Finest Homeland Episodes

Homeland is a series developed for American television that stars a CIA agent named Carrie Mathison and U.S. Marine named Nicholas Brody. Carrie believes that Brody is a threat to the United States after having been a prisoner of al-Qaeda for eight years. However, the series follow the twists and turns as she tries to prove this. Because of the intense storyline, here are the top 4 episodes of Homeland that many fans consider to be the best:

1. “Pilot” (season 1, episode 1)

The show opens with the return of U.S. Marine Nicholas Brody after being held captive for eight years by al-Qaeda. However, it is not long before Carrie suspects that he may be still working for Abu Nazir and wants to get more intelligence on him. She is especially suspicious because of the death of Corporal Thomas Wilson, which she thinks Brody may be involved with. With plenty of drama surrounding Carrie, Brody, and Brody’s family, the episode is a strong opening for Homeland as a new American series.

2. “The Weekend” (season 1, episode 7)

This episode continues to be one of the top-rated episodes of the series and is a favorite among fans and critics alike. With Carrie’s interrogation of Brody near the end of the episode after a weekend spent at a cabin, things were bound to be memorable. Both Claire Danes and Damian Lewis delivers an intense performance that leaves the audience wanting more. “The Weekend” is not only believed to be one of the very best episodes of Homeland, but also the best aired on television in 2011.

3. “New Car Smell” (season 2, episode 4)

The episode begins with Saul meeting up with Este to show him the video with Brody. However, instead of arresting Brody, the team instead watches him in hopes of gathering more intel. The episode involves Carrie getting close to Brody to get him to give up information. Eventually, Carrie ruins the operation as she confronts Brody about his feelings for his country, and the agents move in to arrest him. She then calls him a terrorist and traitor as he is handcuffed and taken away. With tension running high, it is easily an episode that many fans enjoy.

4. “Q&A” (season 2, episode 5)

Continuing from “New Car Smell”, Brody is in custody of the CIA, and they interrogate him to learn everything they can about his involvement with a bomb. However, Carrie is not happy with how Peter Quinn takes control of the situation, and especially since he takes a “bad cop” role while relying on her to play the “good cop”. Eventually, Brody agrees to help them to avoid having to go to a public trial.

Depending on your own personal preferences, the top 4 best episodes of Homeland may vary. However, with the list containing many fan favorites, it is a given that you will find something to enjoy from the same episodes.