Best ways to connect a projector with the monitor screen on your PC

Projectors are no doubt the most suitable gadgets that help people to present their assignments, their work portfolios and all the presentations that are intended to be delivered to a mass of people. But due to many reasons, people may need to integrate the projector with the computer monitors so that to display the data from the PC through the projector.

It is therefore important to note that if you are in need of getting things connected from your computer monitor with your externally connected projector, you must be familiar with the right process to do so.

Not all of the PCs have the monitors that allow the user to connect the projector with the monitor screen to show or pair the display for better and bigger vision. But you can surely integrate and use various different types of projectors along with the monitors to display the screen or copy the screen so that, it shows what is being shown on your computer monitor.

Let’s have a look, how can you connect them together in an easy way:

  • The first thing is to find an output video port on your PC monitor. If there is one, you may connect the wire in and then the second terminal to the projector input port.
  • In case if your monitor screen does not provide a spare video output port you may connect a splitter in the available video output port and then the connecting wire and connect to the projector input port.
  • You should press Win-P for pairing the screens and get the screen display from your computer monitor to the projector screen.

In this way, you can easily stream what your computer displays on its monitor screen.  Most probably this sort of connection is possible with most of the monitor connected with the latest projectors.