Award Winning Yet Also Apalling

Ever been to a blood and guts movie that grossed you out so much you couldn’t stand watching it? Well, for me – that was Precious. So many people have been raving over this movie that I had to go see it. I mean on its release date it was only released to just 18 screen nationwide and made over 1.8 million dollars so it had to be a great movie right?

Let me just start by telling you that this will be (and should be) an award winning movie. The storyline, the acting, and the direction of this movie were outstanding. I mean, Mo’Nique who plays Precious’ abusive (to say the least) mother Mary Lee Johnston was so enticing and believable it was scary. Heck I’m really scared to ever meet her in person! She played this role so well I almost forgot she was a comedian. From the first scene where she verbally abuses Precious, down to the outright beatings, disregard for human life, and lack of morality, all the way to the killer ending where she reveals the real fuel that keeps her hatred for her daughter going is amazing. I hated her the entire movie, but looking back on just her acting – it was a Superb performance.

Precious – played by Gabourey Sidibe – is a 16 year old teen that can’t read, is still in middle school, and is pregnant for the second time. Yeah, I know when I first heard that I judged her too – what a slacker. Unfortunately, after seeing this movie you’ll feel so guilty for that judgment because of what precious has had to overcome through her lifetime it’s no wonder shes in her situation. Sadibe does a killer job playing this reclusive girl – so quiet, calm, and beat down that she doesn’t have a voice. She speaks slow and soft and when you want her angry shes not, when you want her to defend herself she doesn’t (well – nevermind I don’t want to give it away in case you do see the movie). Sadibe really makes the movie believable – maybe its because we’ve never seen her play another role so I’m not stuck comparing, or maybe she just really connect – either way she plays the abused, courageous, and independent teen very well – especially as she starts to mature into a woman that is moral, responsible, and empowering.

Let’s not forget the other allstar cast members – Lenny Kravitz plays Nurse John. He helps deliver Precious’ baby and sort of builds a relationship as a moral lighthouse for her on whats right and whats wrong – starting with her eating habits (did I mention Precious is obese?). next up is Mariah Carrey – I’m sorry I have to say it – WOW do they know how to make her ugly. UGH! I am sorry you have to see her this way. However, she kills it as Precious’ social worker Mrs. Wiess. She acts as a distant caring figure for Precious because she wants to get to the truth of how her moms been abusing the system. Precious opens up and assaults Mrs. Wiess with gruesome stories of incest and sexual abuse. I don’t know what I’d do if ever in that situation, but I felt Carrey did a good job playing the part and I never really saw her for the glamorous singer during the movie.

Now – why I wouldn’t recommend seeing the film…it just hurts to watch. The story is so violent and gory – not because of blood and guts like horror films have been lately, but in the story that’s told of a childs life. It’s just hard to watch because you feel so awful for the child the entire time and you can’t help but to think that others are going through this right now. For me, this movie should have ended with a text “help” to [some number] to donate $3 dollars to the “Help Abused Children” fund. I can’t imagine someone would walk out of the theater and not donate to help children get out of the life like that.

My rating – 4 stars for the incredible acting in this film, but as for my recommendation to go see this movie – DONT! Especially if you don’t like the blood and guts, gory movies that are just hard to watch. This movie may have not had tortured, ripped apart body parts, but the tormented soul of a child that doesn’t even know what love is – is just as painful to watch.