Coach Carter – A Personality Full of Positivity and Hope

It is true that in order to make an impact, we need be very loud with our thoughts and have to transfer them to the public with utmost confidence. The confidence not only should be visible in our eyes, but it must reflect in our voice too. We must have the power to influence people with our thoughts and translating them through a powerful speech. From the history we have learned about many powerful personalities, who not only challenged the existing mindset of the people, but also succeeded in changing them as well. There are many such personalities who have made an impact in the society. One such name is Ken Carter.

Ken Carter is a well known name in the world of sports, education, and many more. He is also a basket ball coach, and more popularly known as Coach Carter. He is a living example of a personality who has changed the mindset of many people in this world. Coach Carter is loved for his bend of thinking, people just love the way he thinks. He completely follows a different approach for a problem.

There are many such incidents from his life, which has proved his unexceptional way to deal with a problem and solving it easily. One of the most famous incidents of his life was from the year 1999. It was the month of January when Coach Carter made headlines with his out of the box method to solve a problem.

Then he used to be the coach of the leading basketball team, ‘Richmond High School’. Coach felt something wrong with the team. As a team, it was quite a successful one. But there were some players who were not up to the mark with their academics, and this was the cause of Coach’s ire. In order to solve this problem, he followed completely an unorthodox method. He not only locked the school’s gym and barred all activities associated with basketball, but also was about the cancel the entire season program. This not only shocked his colleagues and authorities, but also invited opposition of certain people. But, at last Coach Carter proved that he was right with his approach. His reaction yielded a positive result.

Coach Carter has always supported the cause of right to education and better education. He has always believed in being a part of the solution, and the same he has conveyed through his motivational speeches.