We’ll Just Watch Netflix

Netflix has proven to be much more than just a movie delivery service to us. In fact, these days my wife and I often forget to update our movie queue and tend to hold on to dvd’s for much longer periods of time than we would prefer. This is mainly just laziness, but more than that it’s the result of a lessened need due to the Netflix online streaming service.

Our normal routine has become sitting back and settling in for the night to watch whatever movie we choose via the Netflix onscreen movie guide. This has become a godsend for us as we we often have a last second urge that simply cannot be compensated for with dvd’s. Also, for the amount we watch, this is a perfect solution. We’ve found it much better than waiting for dvd rentals to come in the mail.

We found that having such a service has allowed us to get rid of cable tv, which would easily cost us at least $100 a month. There are certainly some things benefits to cable but not enough to justify keeping it, especially since most of what we want to watch is now available on Netflix.

We also tend to watch a lot of tv shows in marathon fashion. There are many TV Shows and growing on the Netflix streaming site. Netflix has also done a great job of adding both new and old movies on a daily or weekly basis. We are constantly surprised at the volume of titles available.

Regarding the setup for watching these movies, there are a couple of ways to go about it. We happen to have a large monitor (27 inch) Mac with high definition. We simply stream everything through the computer. This has been more than adequate for our needs but there are additional options for alternate configurations. The device called the Roku Box allows an individual to connect it to their television and stream from Netflix directly onto the television. This is an excellent option for people who have smaller computer monitors.

An additional option exists with the XBox. An individual could simply stream Netlix through their XBox onto their television.

I plan to release several top ten lists of different types of movies available.

Considering the amount of money someone could save simply by using this Netflix streaming service and foregoing cable, the benefits are extensive. Netflix is constantly adding new titles to the list. The list of titles already available are impressive and getting better all the time.