Hachiko – A Must Watch Movie for Kids

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” I would even further say that “A movie is worth a thousand pictures.” We watch many movies with our kids that carry valuable messages about important virtues in life to our kids. One such movie to watch is Hachiko – it is a greatly made and touching movie portraying the loyalty of a dog named ‘Hachiko.’ No need to say that after watching the movie, you and your kids will start loving dogs even more ever before. The most touching part is that it is based on a true story of a dog named Hachiko (1923-1935) in Japan.

Briefly about the plot of the movie: An American college professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) finds a cute little unattended puppy at a train station. Professor Parker takes the puppy home and instantly develops a strong bond of affection towards the dog. His wife is initially not happy to have this little uninvited gues at their home. But finally she provides her consent to keep the puppy at home after noticing the strong emotional bond between Professor Parker and the puppy. Gradually it becomes a ritual that the dog comes to see off the Professor every morning till the train station from where he goes to work. The dog comes back again at sharp 5 PM to the train station to receive his master. One day unfortunately, the Professor dies of a cardiac arrest in the college and does not return by the train. The loyal dog remains waiting for his master at the pre-determined hour at the train station. All the efforts to persuade the dog to relocate to a new place go in vain. The dog finally starts staying on the streets nearby the train station and religiously follows the ritual of waiting for his master at sharp 5 PM every single day in the hope that he would definitely return one day. But the master never comes back as is pre-decided by the destiny, and finally Hachiko dies at the train station after months of waiting.

In remembrance of Hachiko’s loyalty a famous Japanese sculptor has sculpted his bronze statue.Hachiko’s remains are carefully preserved at the National Science Museum of Japan in Ueno, Tokyo. Each year on April 8, hundreds of dog lovers assemble at the Shibuya railway station (where Hachiko died) in solemn remembrance of Hachiko’s loyalty and devotion.

Hats off to Hachiko! Japan’s national symbol of loyalty!