Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen – A Fan’s Movie Review

It’s no secret that I loved Michael Bay’s first attempt at the transformers franchise, so the last couple of weeks I have been highly anticipating this movie. Reading some of the movie critics opinions however I was worried that Revenge of the fallen was going to be a horrible movie, however my better sense was telling me that this movie was being bashed on so much because of Michael Bays association with it.

Michael Bay may not be the greatest story teller alive, he may not even be a good one but he certainly knows how to make a good action movie. Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour and The Rock are good examples of Bay’s incredible action sequences.

Since the first Transformers movie things have progressed a bit and the Autobots (good Guys) have teamed up with the U.S Army to fight the remaining Decepticons (bad guys) that have taken shelter and are hiding in plain sight on our planet, planet Earth. As for the Humans in the story Sam has made his way to college while Mikaela has stayed behind to work in her father’s auto garage fixing motorcycles and generally getting hot and greasy, which will no doubt entertain the older boys in the cinema.

When old enemies seek revenge it is up to Sam, Mikaela, the Auto Bots and the entire U.S Army to save the day.

Overall this movie isn’t so different from the first, the plot is pretty much the same as both the good guys and bad guys are fighting over some sort of artifact that will give them tremendous power and with it they will be able to rule the world. The characters in this movie are also similar to the first movie. Sam comes off as a funny and charismatic Teen while Mikaela oozes with sexiness.