Michael Scofield of Prison Break

I was really fascinated and amazed by the character of Michael Scofield. Michael Scofield was a structural engineer and graduated as a magna cum laude. Actually in the series, he was considered as a genius. Michael and his brother Lincoln were abandoned by their father when they were both very young. And soon after that, their mother died. That’s why Lincoln became Michael’s guardian at a very young age. But Michael amd Lincoln tackled different path as they grow up.

While Michael finished his studies and got a decent job, Lincoln on the other hand often gets into trouble until he was imprisoned at the fox river state penitentiary and sentenced to death in the electric chair for killing the US vice president’s brother (which discovered later in the series that everything was just a set up).Michael eventually discovered his brother’s sacrifice so that he would have a better future. That’s why Michael decided to help his brother break out of prison because he believes that his brother was innocent. He was ready to do everything it takes to break his brother Lincoln out of prison that he even had himself imprisoned in the same penitentiary.

In the process, Michael gained himself trusted friends including Fernando Sucre played by Amaury Nolasco, his cellmate and whom he could consider as his most trusted friend. And his love interest in the character of Sara Tancredi the jail doctor played by Sarah Wayne Callies. But he also gained his worst enemies, including the meanest and most villainous character in the series, Theodore Bagwell or also known as T-Bag which was played by Robert Knepper.

What was so interesting about Michael’s character was how his mind works. All the tactics and techniques that he used in the series were really amazing. Maybe it’s because of the fact that Michael’s character was a genius. Michael seems to be able to read people’s mind based on their personalities that he even knows how these people would think and act. And this ability of his has helped him a lot because he was able to make and plan a counteractions ahead that worked and were proven effective most of the time. Michael’s intelligence was really amazing that he even got a commentary from one of the villains in season four that his brain was one in a million.

Although Michael was very intelligent, he has one characteristic that I can consider as neither strength or a weakness. And this characteristic of his was always an advantage to his enemies. And that is Michael is incapable of killing even if it’s his own life that is at stake. He couldn’t even kill the person that was about to kill him.