Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

I may be a bit late to the game (or TV show, as the case may be), but the following few paragraphs highlights my view – as an avid “original trilogy” Star Wars fan – of the TV series called Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

As a slight recap, I had great expectations of the last Star Wars trilogy, and was disappointed when the movies came out. Each release was slightly better than the last, but overall they had nothing on the original trilogy. It wasn’t until my four year old boy expressed an interest in seeing them (after being excited by the original trilogy) that I viewed them through my childs eye. I still think they are far inferior to the original trilogy, but I can now understand what George Lucas was trying to achieve as a kid-friendly trilogy of films.

This leads me to The Clone Wars. The TV series is set between Episodes II (Attack of the Clones) and III (Revenge of the Sith). With some outstanding animation (once you get used to the style), and interesting stories, The Clone Wars really feels like part of the expanded SW universe (which, of course, it officially is). It also ties the last two films in the trilogy together, and makes watching Revenge of the Sith a much more interesting proposition. in addition, there are some great new characters that are introduced, and some lesser known ones from the original trilogy get to make a welcome return, with bigger story lines (including the bounty hunters Bossk and Dengar).

Star Wars: The Clone wars is most definitely a kids program, but it does get quite dark as the series progresses. My (by now) six year old was scared of a few storylines, especially regarding the Sith Witches of Dathomir, and the return of Darth Maul (with a few metallic additions).

If you want a return to some more interesting SW storylines (with less political overtones), then follow Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker – as well as many other characters from the Star Wars universe – as they battle the Separatists, bounty hunters, Sith warriors and a shadowy figure known as Darth Sidious.

These will be a great precursor to the new animated SW series – Star Wars Rebels.