Les Miserables, A Film Review

Being the main and the most important is what we always want, to be the center of everything but do we always have to be one of the main characters to every person’s story? Have we ever thought to be different? Or to love by people by being uncommon, being the person who you really are and doing the things you want? Being unique in your own special way? How I wish I am. I loved a guy who was also in love to another beautiful young lady. How I wish to be his’. How I wish I’ll never be on my own again. How I wish to be happy and spend the rest of my life with him. Oh, how I wish to his’, but I can’t. Loving him brought me strange, he used me to know the young lady more and to be closer to her even though I’ve already beg for his precious love. How I wish he’ll do the same for me, but the only thing I wish to know is what’s in her and why can’t I be her? I am Eponine, a miserable yet pure-hearted woman who symbolizes the rain. The rain which gives people hard times, pain and sometimes being stuck, but the rain who is also the reason for the growth of plants, coolness of the air, an eco-friendly option to keep composts moist, and the reason why people sees rainbows. Because rain is not just something negative and not beneficial, rain is something people should enjoy and thank God for every drop it sheds. This is a story of a young beautiful girl who had always been miserable and never been the center to somebody else’ life. That despite her despaired life, she was the reason why the two lovers are entwined. She made the way for their love and sacrificed herself for the person she truly loves. She may not be the main character in the story entitled Les Miserables, but without her everything will not be the same.

There was a beautiful woman whose life was so miserable and tragic. She got pregnant at an early age by someone who betrayed her and left her big responsibilities that wean her daughter away from her. Though she was poor, she did everything she can to have money to look for her daughter. The woman was named Fantine, a brave woman who gave up herself until her death to make a way to find her daughter, Cosette. Before she died, she asked Jean Valjean to look for Cosette and raise her with love she always wanted her to feel. As promised to his beloved one, Jean Valjean looked for Cosette and did everything he could to claim her from the strangers who adapted her. Few years after, Cosette grew up into a beautiful young lady who was raised and cared by her father, Jean Valjean. Though they live with love, they hide from Inspector Javert and the authorities who were in search for her father who stole a loaf of bread long time ago. Marius sighted Cosette and for the very first time they meet, they were already in love with each other. Marius asked Eponine for help, he wanted her to look for the young lady he fell in love with and know her name and where she lives. Marius didn’t stop persuading her to help him, without knowing that Eponine secretly admires him. Every time she tries to help Marius, she only feels despaired and miserable thinking that she would be alone forever despite her feelings, she chose to help Marius search for Cosette until they met again. Eponine was so upset but she chose to scream and warn Cosette and her father that Inspector Javert is coming to them. The war started again, Cosette and her father ran away to hide from Inspector Javert and the authorities. Cosette left a letter stating her love for Marius, unfortunately, Eponine found the letter that made her feel upset. She kept the letter until she decided to give it to Marius in the middle of the war against the French authorities which led her to death. Before she died onto Marius’ arms, she stated her secret love for him. Marius was sad for his friend’s death but it made him feel happy when he read his letter from Cosette. As witnessed at an early age, Gavroche chose to fight for their dignity and rights. A lot of men died during the war including the young kid, Gavroche and Marius’ friend, Enjolras, who raised a red flag before being shot which symbolizes their pride for the people’s dignity and rights. Inspector Javert was eaten by his conscience and felt so sorry for what he has done as he saw the blood stains and the bodies of the people who died, he chose to die as well by jumping on to the river. Jean Valjean decided to give the hand of his daughter to Marius who married Cosette. Before her father died, he handed a letter stating everything she needs to know, and answering all her questions in her mind. This is considered as a realization for Cosette. She found out everything by figuring out and looking for answers on what really happened before. She only answered her mind when she was able to interpret and understand everything.

Formalism criticism is a kind of criticism that leads people to solutions that is answered by understanding and interpreting what really happened. Les Miserables can be a form of Formalism criticism due to its plot. No one narrated its storyline. The audiences will be able to recognize the movie through interpreting the events and scenarios shown in the film. It is a tricky kind of film which a viewer will just be able to understand completely by analyzing every situation happening in the story.

As one of the audiences conducting a review for this film, the uniqueness of the setting appealed most. The musical scenes and the tune in conversation eliminates the dullness of the film that caught the people’s interests in watching the film. The effort of each character brings a different kind of appeal. Gavroche and Eponine appealed the most, their emotions are stronger than the rest of the characters, the emotions they delivered came from their heart which can make audiences feel the same. The setting was realistic that made people believe each scenario was true and real. The way how people reacted to every scene made the film more intense and exciting. The people were satisfied after watching the film. Though Eponine was not the main character, she was able to prove to the audiences that no one needs to be a main character to every person’s life so just to be important. That everyone is important enough to live the life they wish to live. That everyone is uniquely different, no one should change themselves just to be appreciated by others, because each and every single person is God’s creation, and if we won’t be able to please people, then they’re not worthy for us because there are always people who value us, we just don’t seem to notice them. We always think we are miserable and despaired but we are loved, loved by our family who always love us no matter who we are. God, who fix people and love us unconditionally no matter how broken we are.