The Onscreen Connection Between Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx

“White House Down,” starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, is one of 2013’s most anticipated films. Channing Tatum takes on the role of John Cale, a police officer and former serviceman whose dream is to be a Secret Service agent. When he goes in for his interview, he brings his daughter, Emily, so he can show her the White House. He has a shaky relationship with his daughter at best, but she is fascinated by politics and he thinks getting a job with the Secret Service will impress her. Unfortunately, the woman who interviews him went to college with him and considers him unqualified for the Secret Service due to his problems with authority and following through. When he leaves the interview, he lies to Emily about it’s outcome and takes her on a tour of the White House. Shortly after this, a bomb is detonated nearby, and John Cale and Emily are separated. Amidst the chaos, Jamie Foxx makes his entrance as President James Sawyer, who is on a mission to take down a terrorist plot. Together, John Cale and President James Sawyer work together to put an end to the plot and save Emily.

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum make an unlikely duo as the president of the United States and a police officer who was just turned down for the job of protecting him. Even though Jamie Foxx is playing the role as the president of the United States, Channing Tatum is the true star of the film. “White House Down” is really about John Cale and his undying love for his country and his daughter. Of course, most of the buzz surrounding “White House Down” is related to Jamie Foxx, whose character is based heavily on Obama. As with other films featuring a president as a character, said character looks like whichever president is currently in office, but Jamie Foxx takes this a step further by portraying Obama’s calm and collected personality as well. In true Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum fashion, the odd duo goes on a reckless adventure to put an end to the terrorists’ plot with a seemingly endless amount of explosions, drama, and gunfire.

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx have gotten along well ever since they first met at a Sony function. Channing Tatum was immediately impressed by Jamie Foxx’s charisma, and Jamie Foxx respected Channing Tatum’s easygoing attitude. When they started working on “White House Down,” their bond deepened. Jamie Foxx took on the role of Channing Tatum’s mentor, showing him how to be successful in the film industry by way of example. Channing Tatum shows incredible promise, but he is still a fairly new actor who has not been in the industry for long. Thanks to the powerful connection between the two actors and their radically different characters, Jamie gave Tatum a chance to shine and take the spotlight even though much of the buzz surrounding “White House Down” was due to Foxx’s involvement.

Jamie Foxx’s real-life role as Channing Tatum’s friend and mentor shines through on the big screen as the two characters work together to take down the terrorists who are threatening the things they love the most. Even though the characters they portray are complete strangers at first, the admiration and friendship they share is clear from the start. Foxx is the main attraction of the film yet he reins himself in, so he does not overshadow Tatum, whose acting career is not nearly as extensive. After all, Foxx recently played the phenomenal role of Django in “Django Unchained,” a blockbuster hit, while Tatum has less experience with blockbuster action films. However, Channing Tatum’s performance as John Cale is spectacular and takes the spotlight in “White House Down” again and again. Thanks to the chemistry between Channing Tatum and acting legend Jamie Foxx, Tatum is well on his way to becoming one of the most popular actors of our era.

In spite of the film’s serious and highly relevant undertones, Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum are lighthearted when they get away from the set for interviews and public appearances. Their relationship is a surprisingly humorous one in spite of how serious they had to be during the production of “White House Down.” It’s hard to believe that the actors who portrayed the level-headed, brave president and jaded former serviceman are so relaxed and friendly with each other when they’re out of character. The respect the actors have for each other as people plays a major role in the way the characters interact onscreen. There are few action films with heart, and “White House Down” is among the best of them.