The Figures of the Sitcom Friends

Monica Geller is the neurotic maternal character of the group of good friends with a strong compulsive and competitive nature. Monica was extremely weighty growing up, which is frequently featured within flashbacks, although now she’s thin. Her dad and mom feature a great deal in the show and Ross is their favored child, though her dad Jack makes up for this by giving her his Porsche! She’s a chef. Monica marries Chandler Bing on season 7, and in the final series they adopt twins and also move to suburbia leaving behind the flat that was the main set of the show.

Chandler Bing is a number-bashing professional for a large multi-national firm. In the show he quits to work in advertisements as a copywriter and become more artistic. His mother and father are divorced with his father residing and working as a gay transvestite cabaret act Sin city. Chandler’s primary persona trait is his cynical sense of humour. He’s got tough luck in relationships, Janice is a repeating ex-girlfriend. In London he gets together with Monica who he later marries and becomes a parent with.

Ross Geller is Monica’s geeky older brother, a PH.D palaeontologist working at a museum and after that a University in New york. Ross is in an on-again-off-again romance with Rachel through the entire series, with who he had a childhood crush with. Ross has three unsuccessful marriages throughout the series: Rachel (hitched drunk in Vegas), Emily (said Rachel’s name at wedding ceremony vows) and Carol (who was gay.) She’s also the mum of his son, Ben. He and Rachel have a daughter by the end of season 8, Emma also in the last episode they get it together forever.

Rachel Green is Monica closest friend from childhood and high school. Rachel’s 1st job is as a waitress at the well known cafe Central Perk. She’s a ditzy daddy’s girl. Her interest is fashion and she follows her dream to become an assistant buyer at legendary New york city department store Bloomingdale’s and a buyer at Ralph Lauren. Rachel has a minor romantic relationship with Joey but her main love is Ross, who she ends up having a baby girl with and finally gets together with right at the end of series 10 after a career offer in Paris.

Joey Tribbiani is a struggling (bad) actor and food lover with strong Italian heritage he is a great hit with the ladies, but falls deeply in love with Rachel in season 8. This doesn’t succeed and by the end of the show he’s still single. Joey becomes well-known for his role on famous (and true to life) United states soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’ as Dr. Drake Ramoray. Joey became a spin-off series from Friends and he move to LA with his sister and nephew.

Phoebe Buffay an eccentric, hippy masseuse and self-taught music performer. A former street child with a colorful past, Phoebe is ditsy however street smart, that as a kid she robbed Ross! She earlier lived with Monica but moved in with her Granny right up until her passing away. Her and Rachel also roomed for a brief time. During the last series, she marries Mike Hannigan in the snowfall outside Central Perk. Her songs is often featured in Friends, she writes and sings (badly) her very own quirky songs, accompanying herself on the guitar. A cool twist of Phoebe is her “evil” identical twin named Ursula.