Spartacus Or Gladiator

As long as movies like Gladiator and TV shows like Spartacus: Blood and Sand are showing there will always be a desire to give off a similar look. Whether it is a Roman choker necklace like the one wore by Crixus in Spartacus or something similar worn by Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator, the Roman look has always been considered very attractive and very masculine. If you desire to sometimes give off a vibe of that appearance then simply read the following

Gladiators are known for their power and durability so their articles of clothing have to be the same. While you might not want to wear a tunic, some of their accessories might seem attractive and somewhat modern. Leather wrist bands are a good choice for someone wanting to give off this look. Fine one that has a rugged appearance and if you can one with tribal signs or something unique etched into the leather.

Mens leather chokers with old school marks etched into the metal work are also unique and give off a very masculine appearance. If you watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand you will find the perfect example of one of these necklaces on Crixus, the gaul of Capua.

Masculine pendants are also a good choice, but if you are going for the Gladiator / Roman look you need to make sure and stick to masculine and more fighter type pendants. A sword pendant is a great choice and can show the ability to take action. Other types of pendants that would be good is a simple cross or something like a small eagle feather pendant. Be sure to stay away from anything bright and colorful as it is sure to ruin you Roman vibe. Most jewelry and accessories worn by the men were rugged at best. Most common folk men wore one rings and on that ring was a symbol to be used as a press for sealing documents. While the common man in Rome did not, and could not for that matter, afford a lot of jewelry; Gladiators were encouraged to stand out and appear more masculine and even to try to appear perfect in front of their audiences.

Just remember to stick to these basics, and watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand or Gladiator and see what they are wearing and you will be giving off a Roman vibe in no time.